ISS Captures Stunning Images of the Grand Canyon from Space Station

By Gabrielle Haag

Grand Canyon from the International Space Station. Image courtesy of: Samantha Cristoforetti/ESA.

European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti shared a stunning view of the Grand Canyon on social media last week. The image shows wispy clouds framing the snaking, branching lines of the canyon against a brown and red landscape.

Samantha Cristoforetti is a European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut who has spent 200 days in space on a mission to the International Space Station as a Flight Engineer for Expedition 42 and 43. During this Italian Space Agency ASI-sponsored Futura Mission, Samantha conducted experiments in the Station's laboratories. She is currently living and working aboard the International Space Station once again for her ESA mission, Minerva.

Watkins is a fellow NASA astronaut and current ISS crew mate with a doctorate in geology and research into landslides on Earth and Mars.

The image provides viewers with a rare top-down glimpse of a beloved national monument. With recent conversations surrounding climate change, the research conducted by Cristoforetti, Watkins and the crew helps to provide a needed perspective into the way our Earth is responding to increasing climate burdens.

Cristoforetti has been living aboard the ISS since arriving on a SpaceX Crew-4 mission in April. Her photography skills are stellar! Follow her now for more stunning Earth images.